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CCW Day Class Moorings 2015The layout of the Day Class Moorings available in Cowes Classics Week is now available from the downloads area.

This layout has been altered from those advised on 15 July.

Please note the following advice from Cowes Harbour Commission:

  • Row W - green buoys with a selection of vessels allocated. There are 5 spare moorings. 3 early XOD arrivals have already picked up these spare moorings.
  • XODs on Row W will be required to re-locate to Row S or Row T by 1700 on Saturday 18 July to accommodate larger boats arriving as these larger boats can not be accommodated on Rows S & T. Up to 7 XODs can remain on the 7 easternmost moorings on W row.
  • The strops on W row have not yet been washed so if boats have picked up these moorings early this task will not be completed, so don't complain.