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Summary of the awards made at the prizegiving July 25, 2014



1st Boat


8mR RVYC 100th Anniversary Olympic sailing painting 1st - Helen Christopher Courage
BOD Red Funnel Plate & Red Funnel Voucher 1st - BOD 6 David Shaw
Classic Cruiser Fast - Option 1 Danegeld Half Model 1st - Cockleshell Jonty Sherwill
Nicholson 36 Challenge Jean de Roany Plate 1st - Janessa or William Amherst
Nicholson 32 Bartlett Insignia 1st - Responsive Anne Marie Coyle
Classic Cruiser Slow Caprice Half Model 1st - Sea Urchin Richard Hargreaves
SCOD Phoenix Challenge trophy 1st - Marbella Mark Taylor
Twister The Twister Trophy 1st - Sea Urchin Richard & Kit Hargreaves
Daring The Loup-Garou Model 1st - Streak Malcolm Lofts
Flying Fifteen Calf Cup 1st - Flying Fish Bobby Salmond
Loch Long Mike Till Painting 1st - Pamina David Trower
National Swallow Aitken Challenge Cup 1st - Swift Martin Jones
Old Gaffers Old Gaffers Model 1st - Chough David Hopkins
Seaview Mermaid RLYC Centenary Mug 1st - U11 Miranda  
Solent Sunbeams Cowes Week Classics Cup & Mike Till Painting 1st - Fleury Jo & Cathie Burnie
XOD Haines Boatyard Trophy 1st - Madelaine Kim Slater
Solent Grounding Solent Grounding Trophy Erida Bob Gatehouse
Concours D'Elegance Classic Boat Model Charm of Rhu Martin Thomas
Seamanship Trophy Classic Boat Model Athena David Glasgow
Travellers Trophy Ratsey & Lapthorn Decanter Glass Half Full John Hassen
New Helm Trophy New Helm Trophy Glass Half Full John Hassen
Overall The 1792 Cup Sea Urchin Richard & Kit Hargreaves