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Summary of the awards made at the prizegiving July 25, 2014



1st Boat


Monday Overall Trinity Cup 1st - Damsel Daniel Stephenson
Tuesday Overall Winkworth Cup 1st - Ibex Paul Woodman
Wednesday Haines Boatyard & Thursday Harken Day Class Winner Classic Dayboat Class 1st - Freddie Flintoff William Heritage
Wednesday Haines Boatyard Day Class Winner XOD Class 1st - Foxglove Alistair Ashford
6mR Classics Bartlett International Challenge Cup 1st - Sioma Fenton Burgin
Classic Dayboats Maurice Wilmot Trophy 1st - Freddie Flintoff William Heritage
Flying Fifteen Calf Cup 1st - Freddie Flintoff William Heritage
National Swallow Aitken Challenge Cup 1st - Darter Tony Glover
Classic Yachts - Red Fleet Danegeld Half Model 1st - Responsive Anne Marie Coyle
Nicholson 32 Bartlett Insignia 1st - Responsive Anne Marie Coyle
Classic Yachts - Blue Fleet Classic Yacht Model 1st - Finvara Douglas Peniston
SCOD Phoenix Challenge trophy 1st - Stirling Jaik Tari
Twister The Twister Trophy 1st - Sea Urchin Richard Hargreaves
Contessa 26 Queen Victoria Jubilee Cup 1st - Jiminy Cricket Michael Harrison
Daring The Loup-Garou Model 1st - Decoy Richard Ottaway
Old Gaffers - White Fleet Caprice Half Model 1st - Rosenn Bob Fisher & Barry Dunning
Old Gaffers - Silver Fleet Old Gaffers Model 1st - Chough David & Christine Hopkins
Solent Sunbeams Cowes Week Classics Cup & Mike Till Painting 1st - Fleury Cathy & Jo Burnie
XOD Haines Boatyard Trophy 1st - Ibex Paul Woodman
BOD Red Funnel Plate & Winkworth & Haines Race Day Class Winner 1st - BOD 6 John Deacon
Solent Grounding Solent Grounding Trophy BOD 8 James Row
Concours D'Elegance Classic Boat Magazine Trophy Monsoon David Elliott
Seamanship Trophy Classic Boat Magazine Trophy X-122 Amelia Hickmott
Travellers Trophy Ratsey & Lapthorn Decanter Lennie Caroline Aisher
Special Prize Harken present Bob Kat II Andy Webster
New Helm Trophy New Helm Trophy Finvara Douglas Peniston
Overall The 1792 Cup Fleury Cathy & Joe Burnie