Wed 31 July 2019

The pictures in this gallery were taken by the official event photographer Tim Jeffreys - you can ask Tim about his work and ordering images by emailing making note of the image file name

TJP1864-3334 TJP1865-3335 TJP1866-3336 TJP1871-3337 TJP1872-3338 TJP1867-3339 TJP1868-3340 TJP1877-3341 TJP1891-3342 TJP1876-3343 TJP1886-3344 TJP1875-3345 TJP1885-3346 TJP1873-3347 TJP1878-3348 TJP1913-3349 TJP1920-3350 TJP1924-3351 TJP1927-3352 TJP1932-3353 TJP1897-3354 TJP1905-3355 TJP1910-3356 TJP1915-3357 TJP1922-3358 TJP1925-3359 TJP1930-3360 TJP1933-3361 TJP1892-3362 TJP1898-3363 TJP1908-3364 TJP2131-3365 TJP1938-3366 TJP2013-3367 TJP2073-3368 TJP1946-3369 TJP2024-3370 TJP2085-3371 TJP1951-3372 TJP2037-3373 TJP2123-3374 TJP1989-3375 TJP2057-3376 TJP1939-3377 TJP2016-3378 TJP2074-3379 TJP1948-3380 TJP2029-3381 TJP2089-3382 TJP1971-3383 TJP2040-3384 TJP2126-3385 TJP1937-3386 TJP2010-3387 TJP2070-3388 TJP1941-3389 TJP2022-3390 TJP2084-3391 TJP1950-3392 TJP2034-3393 TJP2092-3394 TJP1977-3395 TJP2045-3396 TJP2168-3397 TJP2210-3398 TJP2167-3399 TJP2196-3400 TJP2165-3401 TJP2171-3402 TJP2155-3403 TJP2170-3404 TJP2150-3405 RLYC CCW Team Photo-3406